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Re: PCSAT program --Lat/Long problem

On 6/13/02 10:40 AM, bruninga@usna.edu (Bob Bruninga) wrote:

>I just checked and map.findu.com DOES receive the APRS gridsquare
>format just fine.  So I suspect that we just dont have enough
>SATGates feeding the PCSAT downlinks into the Internet to get every
>> > I've been sending packets to PCSAT since it came back to life
>> > using the DOS version of the PCSAT program.  I just downloaded
>> > the latest version (PCSAT018) yesterday and it seems to work
>> > fine on my old 486, using an MFJ TNC-2 (1270B).
>> >
>> > The only problem is that my location information doesn't get to
>> > the satellite, or at least it doesn't show up on the "Stations
>> > heard via PCSAT" web site.
>> I just noticed that myself.  PCSAT.EXE is transmitting packets in
>> the special APRS Grid Square format.  Apparelty FIND.COM does not
>> parse that APRS format.  Let me investigate that further...
>> de WB4APR, Bob
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