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Re: 2m uplink available on Wednesdays

Yeah, that's why I mentioned Mode 'A'. I've already got it programmed 
for 2M up / 10M down for Field Day. I'm curious, though, about your 
comment on the crystal price v 'Used Receive Converter'.  I wasn't aware 
of any "Stock" receive converters that would do 123 MHz to 10M. 
Hamtronics sells the crystals for $14, which I think is a fair price 
considering they claim to be pre-aged. Some of the crystal outfits I've 
dealt with were TERRIBLE for not doing this, and we wound up re-tuning 
dozens of radios six months after they were shipped. Quite a pain, and 
we NEVER used that vendor again.
Thanks for the comments!

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