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AMSAT spreadsheets on non-PC's [was: L band Uplink]

    Have you tried using gnumeric?  I find it handles Excel spreadsheets
    quite well (on an Intel platform, at least).

Not before, as 'dselect' was requesting loading of some 30(!) packages.
I actually tried it this time, and it works *much* better than anything
else i've tried so far!

For 'ao40v2.0.xls', the downlink and uplink start pages came up with 
blanks in all of the boxes.  But manually entering 1268 or 1269 on the 
display page seem to give plausible results.  What are acceptable values 
for S/N on the Beacon and Uplink?  What does G/T mean and what are good 
values for that?  In general, how can i know if i should be able to hear
myself via L band uplinks?

'AO-40Fqcalc.xls' looked OK, but i couldn't figure out how to use it with
L1 or L2 uplinks, which is what i really want check against.  I guess i 
can setup my own calculator for a 70cm uplink and see if the numbers agree,
then i should be able to depend on my own.

Thanks for the assistance!
			        -- KD6PAG

P.S.  I'm willing to learn enough JavaScript to make an WWW-based calculator
someday for the rest of us non-Microsoft users if someone wants to explain 
how to do the calculations.
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