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ON5LL/P at Amsat Fieldday 2002

Hello satelliteers

22-23 June 2002 = Amsat Fieldday, and like last year again you will hear us
on all the amateur satellites. Last year "we" were PE1RAH and ON1DLL (now
ON5GS) and this year we get some more company from PA5RWE and maybe some
others (pe5yes?).
stations that will be used, all emergency power class:

PE1RAH portable dish + setup for AO-40
PE1RAH FO-20/29 backpack station
ON5GS portable station will be used for UO-22
ON1DSE FRG100 shortwave receiver for RS12/13 with wire dipole and yagi or
ON5GS 2x10/2x15 crossyagi's for AO-10 with manual armstrong rotators.

and alot of 12v car batteries, beer and barbeque in the ON5LL army tent

All kind of skeds are welcome. European stations, pse think of ON5LL/P the
only european contestor in the fieldday. Every qso on a different satellite
is a point :-)

to ON/PA readers: Everyone is welcome at the "Steenbergstraat" (rocky
mountain) in Bree - Limburg - Belgium. We gonna have a great time!

73 ON5GS

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