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Re: L band Uplink

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 08:23:31AM -0400, Ed Krome (K9EK) wrote:

>         Funny you should ask; a few weeks ago I asked a similar question
> and used the info, along with my own expereince, in a seminar I gave at the
> Dayton Hamvention.
>         Bottom line is that it will be adequate when conditions are good;
> i.e. less than 15 degrees off pointing and (hopefully) at less than apogee.
> If you speak CW, it will be a lot better yet. But, unless you have a high
> tolerance for weak signals, for armchair SSB ragchewing, it's 3db or so too
> light. 
>         But, as easy as a helix is to build, try it! Except make it about
> twice as long.

Back quite a few years ago at the AMSAT forum at Dayton, a model of the 
L-band antenna for AO-40 (P3D then) was passed around.  I believe it was
referred to as a backfire design and resembled an oversized round baking
pan with a turnstile feed and splash plate inside. Advantages were supposed
to be compact size and a fair bit of gain.  Does anyone have more information
on this antenna, i.e. drawings, pictures, gain?

It might be an easy design to create a phased array of antennas with...

Mike W4LNA

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