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Re: 2m uplink available on Wednesdays

If you take that "pole", please make sure to replace it as the tent is going
to fall down <g>.

I think you are most likely correct, though...Very few people are not going
to be using a 2m IF, given that most people are running 70cm uplink. Some of
the surplus boys will be at 122 or 123 mhz, but the vast majority of those
remaining will be standard 2m IF and that makes V uplink worthless (to

Nevertheless, it gives the command stations a chance to check things out and
I will be interested t see how things work out. The more we learn about this
bird, the more interesting it becomes. So I'd guess I'd say I'm excited to
learn how this works. Unless there is a compelling reason to keep it going,
(like including a substantial number of people who have 2.4 gig rx, but only
2m tx) , it appears to be a waste of MA counts if done on a long term basis.

Now: are there any plans to deploy the solar panels and go with 3 axis
stabilization, or has it been decided that it is "safer" to leave well
enough alone?

(I'm NOT taking a poll! I don't want to start a thread on the pro's and
con's of doing or not doing this...I am asking those in charge if they could
update us on THEIR thinking, and it is ONLY their thinking that I'm
interested in (at the moment)).

hasan schiers, N0AN

or use amsat.org or arrl.net remailer

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> > Hi All,
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> If a pole were taken, I wonder what percentage of operators
> have a D/C that is not a VHF conversion.  This change does
> nothing for me, but also does little to hurt me.  Guess that
> means I am not excited.

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