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Re: QSL etiquette

Hi Gang, 
Just my 2 cents worth on this subject of QSL'ing.

I read all the messages on the BB on the subject, and they about cover

The main thing is: If you receive a card from somebody you worked, you
answer it.  For the most part on satellite operation, it's not a
high-volume thing, so 
it shouldn't be a burden on you.

If you REALLY want to get a card back for sure, it would be best to send
SASE along with your card.  That doesn't always work, but it will give 
you a better
chance of a return.

There are some of us who go out mobile and portable to give out
and make a LOT of QSO's.  We can't send out a card to every station we
and we don't know who needs what grids/counties.  When you work someone
who's giving out lots of QSO's, it's best if you QSL first, indicating
which ones 
you need confirmed.

I see a lot of home-made cards in recent years. They are great!   And
save a few 
bucks.  Don't get the feeling that you have to have a super special card
just to 
confirm a new grid or county for somebody.   As long as it has the
required QSO
information on it, that's all that counts.  I received one that was
printed on a piece
of CORK!   And don't think you have to mail a card in an envelope.  You
can mail
them as a postcard.

Many county-hunters use a card called an  "MRC" or Mobile Reply Card. 
really makes it easy for the other station to confirm contacts.  The
station fills out the MRC, sends it to the other station who just has to
review the
information, sign it, and drop it in the mail like a postcard.  No muss
no fuss. 
(Even those don't come back sometimes).  It amazes me that somebody can't
write their name on a card and drop it in the mail.  Also, the MRC's 
have room 
for several QSO's on one card so you don't have to send so many cards!

Also,  E-QSL's  DON'T COUNT for any awards.  It's too bad, but that's the
way it 
is at this point.  They are nice to look at, but they are not accepted
for any awards
that I know of.

73 and happy QSL'ing !

John, K6yK

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