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UO-14 Good times...

Great job fellows...

We are in the midst of summer seminars where we introduce visiting groups
of High School students to the various departments at our school.  With
five sessions a week, a highlight of each morning session is UO-14.

Students go outside with cheap $80 handhelds held in front of a 2'
chicken wire parabola and search the sky in AZ, EL and polarity until they
hear signals.  Then they have to bump down the frequency as Doppler

Anyway, I am proud of what I hear.  Some people doing grids, and today
just enough of a brief discussion about world cup soccer to give some
real-world relevance...

Anyway, we sometimes see complaints about the FM sats, but what these
students  are hearing during our brief tests seems quite in the spirit of
HAM radio.

Great job!

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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