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Re: ARR vs SSB preamps

Karl Sandstrom wrote:

> Has anyone used the Advanced Receiver Research 435Mhz preamps?  I see they
> have one that is RF switched up to 160 watts, model MSP432VDG-160.  Of
> course SSB has the SP-7000 with helical filers.

I have nothing to compare with, but I have been running ARR preamps for many
years for both terrestrial and satellite operation.  I am running models that
are rated for 25 watt transmit power on both 2M and 430 on my satellite /
terrestrial antennas.  I have on a couple of occasions transmitted with more
than that with the preamp powered, and I regularly transmit up to 70 watts on
430 and 150 watts on 2M through the relays of the preamps with it
de-energized.  The preamps are not rated for outdoor operation so I have the
preamps in an electrical box mounted just below the rotors.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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