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Re: rotor control

Here are further sources of rotator and radio control.

Rotorcard http://www.idiompress.com/rotorcard.html for Yaesu DXA, SDX and
other Yaesu-type rotators.

Rotor-EZ www.idiompress.com/rotor-ez.html for HyGain Ham2, Ham3, Ham4,
Tailtwister and other HyGain-type rotators.  View a QST-Magazine review of
Rotor-EZ at www.idiompress.com/QST-Review-Rotor-EZ.pdf

TRX-Manager www.trx-manager.com is radio control software, which interfaces
with Satscape www.satscape.co.uk satellite tracking software and the
controllers mentioned above.  TRX-Manager is superb and very comprehensive.

LP-Rotor http://www.telepostinc.com is PC control software for use as a
standalone application with Rotorcard and Rotor-EZ.  LP-Rotor also
interfaces with TRX-Manager to provide complete automatic control.  (There
are other utility programs on the website which also interface with

Standard disclaimer: I am only an interested observer.

Deon ZR1DQ
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| I remember a while back, in our Journal, a photo of an antenna rotor
| control, which I believe was being introduced at the Symposium.
| All I remember is that it was small.
| That's about all I remember. Can Anyone help me find out more about this?,
| once again I'm in the market for a new Az-El controller.
| Thank You, Keith

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