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Re: Old C band dish antenna conversion to 2.4Gig


Go to W0LMD's web site. He has all the info you'll ever want on converting
TVRO to AO-40 dish.

Your commercial BBQ dish is unlikely to have anything like 34 dB gain. This
most I've ever seen quoted for a 39" BBQ is 24 dBi. If you dish isn't
several FEET bigger than this, it couldn't possible get anywhere near even
30 dB. Either it's a misprint or someone is dreaming. Gain only comes from
size ...and AFAIK there aren't any 7 to 10' BBQ dishes <grin>.

TVRO's can work very well...you need to under illuminate them a bit so the
pointing isn't so critical. All the info is on W0LMD's site...do a google
search for his callsign and you will find his web site. 73
hasan schiers, N0AN

or use amsat.org or arrl.net remailer
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> With the summer season coming here it will the time fot outside antenna
installation and testing. To
> maximized and improve my time/results ratio i started to play with the
dish design tools (w3pm & gn4yre).
> The maximum gain calculated on a 10' dish is 34DB! my commercially built
linear feed BBQ grill is rated
> at 38.8DB...! My reasonning is am i going in the right direction in a way
to improve my S band rx
> capabilities?

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