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Re: Satellite QSL etiquette

Don Woodward wrote:

> I don't collect QSL cards or grid squares but I know others do. Am I being rude
> by not sending a QSL card when I initiate a QSO? I'm happy to send a QSL card if
> somebody needs it.

No.  You are under no obligation to send out a QSL card just because you talked to
someone.  It is however quite rude to refuse to return a card if specifically
requested.  As you noted, there are people who are actively collecting grid squares,
states, counties, call sign sequences, and a few other things.  It's really annoying
to talk to that rare grid or 50th state and not be able to get a QSL card out of the
Personally I do send a QSL card to every station I talk to for the first time over
satellite - whether they ask for one or not.  If someone has made the effort to
activate some rare grid square (not at home), I will send a SASE if I want/need the
card.  I figure that if they made the effort, time and expense to go there, the
least I can do is pay the postage.  I have also made several trips where I activated
some rare grid squares and although I will return a card that does not include a
SASE, I do ask that people send an SASE.   I am actively collecting grid squares and
to a slight extent counties.

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