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RE: Satellite QSL etiquette

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Satellite QSL etiquette
> I don't collect QSL cards or grid squares but I know others 
> do. Am I being rude by not sending a QSL card when I initiate 
> a QSO? I'm happy to send a QSL card if somebody needs it.

No, I don't think so.  I only send a card to the following QSOs.

A.  I need their grid-state-country.
B.  They need my grid-state-country.

It is easy to fall behind on the QSL stuff.  I try to do it at least
once every month.  Although I never ask for an SASE, I have
received one or two.  In that case, I try to answer it immediately.

What I think is rude is when you QSO someone, then you send a 
QSL, and after a year, you get nothing.  Boy, you really need that
grid-state-country.... so you QSL them again, with an SASE.
Still nothing.  On the third try you send the SASE, and a card all
filled in.  All they need to do is sign it, lick it, and drop it.  Still
nothing.  My QSL rate is about 80%.  I have about 10% outstanding
due to the QSO being only a few weeks ago.  I have about 10%
dating back from 1998 to mid-2001 that I have marked off as - 
as you say - RUDE HAMS.  They probably took the stamps off 
the (two) SASEs I sent them, and used them to send in bills.  I
hope the stamps fell off.  <grin>  Really do not want to post the 
callsigns but some of the grids were rare, like BP51, CO82, DO00, 
DM22, DL80, EL06, and others not so rare but still hard to get.
Guess the addresses could have changed, but the cards (3 by then)
never came back.

So no, I don't think it is rude to not QSL unless you are asked to.
In fact, I guess there is no requirement to QSL at all.  But it is
a nice thing to do for someone who DOES collect grid-state-country
cards.  Like you, I am happy to provide DM61 to anyone who
needs it.

Now, if I get an answer to my coax question, I might be able to
put DM71 on the air from my jeep.  It is only a 1 hour drive,
and a nice drive too, from here.

Mike.  KD9KC

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