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OT: COAX for UHF... what do you use?


	This is a bit OT, although not much.  I am nearly done 
assembling the ham radio for my jeep.  It is an ICOM IC-901A
set up for 28, 50, 144, 220, 440, and 1200 MHz.  (no, the jeep 
is a 1976 DJ-5D postal jeep).  The radio also has the UX-R91a
receiver module in it.  This total package covers basically AM
and FM broadcast, and from about 28 MHz to 1000 MHz with
only a few gaps.

	I am most likely going to use 1/4 wave antennae for
144, 220, 440, and 1200 MHz.  For 28 MHz, I have a Wilson M-1000
CB antenna.  For 6m, I have a Larson 144 MHz 5/8 wave.  It
tunes nicely on 50 MHz.  Of course, I am open to suggestion
if anyone has a better option.  I will most likely use the BCST 
antenna for the R-91 RX.

	My question is, what COAX would be recommended for
1200, 440, and even 220 in a mobile?  Lengths will be under 25
ft (7.5m), but even so, I have no desire to use RG-58 there.
Looking for suggestions.  Thanks.


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