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Helo to all OM,

Since this weekend I'm back on AO-40 QRV.I use 60cm dich with 2,75 helix
and DB6NT dwnconv.
For the uplink i want to use the L-band .Anyone knows what pwr is needed for
good uplink?Or on the U-band uplink.
I'm using a selfmade 2*14 RHCP on 70cm and 40w,but it seems to me it 's not
enough for a good uplink.
On L-band i want to use me contest H 4*32el antennes and 10w.In the past I
used 1* 32el on 23 with 10w but it wasn't good enough.
Any suggestions for better uplink?I also made a 30 turn helix but no big
difference with the single yagi hor.pol.

73's and hoping to hear you.
QRV on FO20 FO29 UO14 AO27 AO40 AO10
using specialm prefix OS4CJQ(ON4CJQ= normal callsign)
loc JO21JA
best regards,Jerry.

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