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Re: Re: AO-40 V-Rx

>Wayne replies:
>I misinterpreted B'Dale Garbee's message about RUDAK  a couple days ago.
>Re-reading it, I see that he said RUDAK is deaf on ALL RECEIVERS, not just
>the 2m receiver.
>Wayne Estes W9AE
>Mundelein, IL, USA

OK, given the number of real problems we have had to overcome, I just 
didn't want a non-existent one added to the list.
As B'dale noted, this is a RUDAK issue, not a V-Rx problem.  BTW, deafness 
to me is a binary, all or none phenomenon, like blindness, electrocution, 
drowning,  pregnancy, etc..... I'd prefer to say that RUDAK is "hard of 
hearing" or, perhaps, "acoustically challenged."   :-)  It can be accessed 
but the power levels required are considerably higher than 
anticipated.  The reasons for this are not clear, but do not reside with 
the receivers.  There are a number of options to pursue here, primarily 
with regard to the DSP modems, as it is possible that these may be 
programmed for 1200 baud PSK or other mode requiring lower S/N.

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