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Re: AO-40 V-Rx

Joe in Thailand wrote:

I see that AO-40 status say "V-Rx ON from MA116 - MA120 and from MA128
- - MA160, but no user access." What's does it mean? Is it possible to
uplink on VHF band for now? I'm waiting for VHF uplink for AO-40 due to
limitation on UHF Tx in Thailand.

Wayne replies:

As the AO40 schedule shows, the VHF uplink is only on when the transponder
is off.  I think it is used primarily to control the RUDAK.  I don't know
why the VHF uplink isn't enabled when the transponder is on.

The VHF uplink is deaf, so a LOT of power would be required to use it.  That
should make it immune to terrestrial pirate activity (taxi radios, high
power cordless phones, etc.).  So I don't understand why it isn't enabled
for transponder operation, at least for a limited period of time for testing
purposes.  Perhaps the deaf VHF uplink could be used to make CW contacts
from Thailand.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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