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UO-22, Wisp, Kenwood TM-D700

Has anyone had any luck working UO-22 with Wisp using a TM-D700?

So far, I can receive just fine and download files.  I can request files
and they are downloaded.

I cannot upload a file though.  Wisp logs on to UO-22, is assigned a file
number, begins upload, and then is disconnected.  I'm just trying small
text files < 1KB.

I've used both a small handheld yagi and large 15db dual yagis.  It
appears UO-22 hears me but I can't complete the upload.  I've selected the
"TNC-2" in Wisp.  Next time I'll try using "none" and set the D700 into
KISS mode.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


--James, KF6RFX

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