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Re: Listened to mode S on AO-40 first time

An unmodified Drake 2880 should have had a 50 MHz signal at 122 MHz.  The LO 
is at 2278 MHz and the crystal is at 8.8984 MHz.

50 x 48 = 2400 MHz
8.8984 x 256 = 2278
2278 + 122 = 2400
Jerry, K5OE

atvq@hampubs.com writes:

> Also checked out the 'unmodified' Drake 2880 to see if it was alive. I
>  expected, from what I read, to find the 50 MHz oscillator downlink to 120
>  MHz. I was convinced there was something wrong until I found it at 125 MHz.
>  Is it common to find the Drake at 125 MHz. It is OK with me, just had not
>  seen it documented as such.
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