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helix location vs focus

  Hi all,

  Once again I am back at trying for a better AO40 RX antenna.
  I just finished building a 5 turn helix that I am placing
  at the front of a 1 meter Channel master dish.  I know 
  I read somewhere (can't remember) that you should place the 
  bottom (i.e. feedpoint) of the helix at the focus of the dish.
  Now that I am back to playing with helices, I cannot find 
  a single printed word indicating this.  I am wondering if that
  really is the case or if there are more opinions/suggestions
  on it's placement in regards to the dishes focus.  I have
  been using a DBS 18 inch dish with a 5 turn helix for about 8 months
  with great success, but would like to squeeze every bit of performance
  gain I can out of the new dish.  TIA

  -James   KI0KN
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