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Listened to mode S on AO-40 first time

Last night I connected the TransSystem downconverter that I got at Dayton
this year and tested using a 50 MHz oscillator that I built. All checked out
OK. Then checking the AO-40 schedule, found that I had a little chance this
morning before I went to work.

Went outside at 7 AM and like others laid the dish in a lawn chair and aimed
best I could at AO-30. With a 30 degree squint, I did not expect to hear
anything. I used by Kenwood F6 as a receiver.

I surprised myself, as the beacon was there loud and clear. I also heard a
little CW and a few people trying to find themselves as they tuned their
transmitters up and down the band.

Almost ready for Field Day!

Also checked out the 'unmodified' Drake 2880 to see if it was alive. I
expected, from what I read, to find the 50 MHz oscillator downlink to 120
MHz. I was convinced there was something wrong until I found it at 125 MHz.
Is it common to find the Drake at 125 MHz. It is OK with me, just had not
seen it documented as such.

See you soon on AO-40.

Gene Harlan - WB9MMM
Harlan Technologies - publisher of
OSCAR Satellite Report - OSR@hampubs.com
Amateur Television Quarterly - ATVQ@hampubs.com

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