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AW: Problems with RS15 mode

Hi William,
Congrats for your letter.I'm licensed till 1991 and from the start on i'm
interested in satellites.A lot of publications in this time (AO13) told me
that with FT290/2 andFT790/2 plus 25W and small Antennas you can get this
bird easily.Never mind.
I'm a family father at this time and there where two childs in the age of 10
and 6 years.I managed to buy the equipment  -but with every try to the Sat
there stand up a new problem/investion.After a while I sold all the
equipment and was very sad.
Now there is AO 40 and this Sat also is not so easy to work as it looks
So I definitely understand your sadness - as always :you are alone in the
field!(But with a little help from your friends!)
In the meantime I have spent a lot of money to build a new ,better,but
nevertheless not cheaper Satstation:IC 821H,AIDC3733 Konvertor,60cm Dish(UKW
Berichte) G3RUH Patch feed ,and so on ,my childs are now 20 and 16 years old
(and so on - you know what I want to say!).With every try to connect to the
Sat ,there where new Problems - but nevertheless I'm proud to be a member of
the gang and in the business.And if my new House is ready  and I find this
little Pot of Gold .......
What I want to say:A lot of people talking a lot of stuff....But you are a
very impressive guy - don't be nervous you are on the right way(nobody on
this reflector had done all the things right for the very first time!)

Good Luck and best wishes,
Manfred ,OE3SFU

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: William Leijenaar [mailto:pe1rah@hotmail.com]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 06. Juni 2002 12:00
An: rolf.niefind@t-online.de
Betreff: Re: [amsat-bb] Problems with RS15 mode


Maybe I am posting to much messages at AMSAT-BB with my problems.
I agree that not many amateurs do believe in lunar missions, but on the 
other hand they LOVE to hear about a Mars mission. Why MARS and not the MOON

? (I still got no real good answer to it)

Then I did post many messages about bad recieving signals from the AO40 with

my low cost NORSAT convertor. All was true.
I did also wrote that "recieving AO40 with this NORSAT is impossible" while 
I got many e-mail of amateur who I not could hear with this convertor.

Ofcourse the problem was an pre-amp => BUT MANY AMATEURS DID TELL ME THAT AN

PREAMP WAS NOT NECESSARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now after spending lots of Euros I find out an pre amp is a MUST.
I am just an student, and I can not emediatly spend lots of Euros, compaired

to the many (most of them retired) amateurs.

I just want to make this AMSAT-BB some more technical, and try to start some

discussions. I know most amateurs like chatting on the FM birds, but I like 
more the technology and try to find some solutions where other amateurs say 
"it is impossible".

E.G You did not mention that many amateurs replied negative on my question 
if the material of emergency blankets do reflect HF. Later on I have even 
made an dish of this material, what has been measured at AMSAT-DL with 
possitive results !!!

Second I have here an lineair mode-vu transponder what will fly on VUSAT. 
All designed, made, financed by my self ! How many amateurs can/want/like to

do this for the AMSAT world?

So who has to be seen as an serious amateur ????

Please, don't make conclussions before you know all details...

73 de PE1RAH, William

>From: rolf.niefind@t-online.de (Rolf Niefind)
>To: pe1rah@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Problems with RS15 mode
>Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 22:26:35 +0200
>William Leijenaar schrieb:
> >
>  William
>  if you like to be seen as an serius amateur,
>   you shuold first check and read all the details about RS-15
>  then check 6 or 7 orbits and then - ask the wordl
>  like your experiments - unable to copy on 2401 MHz,
>  then you made the unbelievable decision : 2401 MHz is impossible,
>  so 24 GHz must be easier...
>  it seems like your moon-ideas
>  x-ray experiments - see the respond from AMSAT-India...  etc etc
>  DK2ZF

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