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Re: making a dish

Howard wrote:

FWIW of all the dishes I've build in the last few months, the Flectron
fabric on a $25 1.2m fibreglass umbrella frame is the lightest at 900g (2lb
in the old money), closely followed by the aluminium fly-screen dish on the
same frame at 950g (2lb, 2oz).

Wayne replies:

For comparison purposes, my 60cm aluminum G3RUH dish weighs 1400g including
the patch feed and (I think) the mounting U-bolts.  And it's half the
diameter of Howard's umbrella!

I don't want to discourage anybody from building a dish.  In fact, a papier
mache dish sounds very interesting.  But I suspect a Papier Mache dish would
turn out to be heavier than a screen dish or a solid aluminum dish.  A
lightweight Papier Mache dish would probably be very fragile.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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