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Re: FO20 image signals


glasbrenner@mindspring.com writes:
> Been hearing something strange recently. This evening and previously I have
>  heard stations on FO-20 in two places at once. Tonight I heard both K5MAN
>  and KB7ADL at about 848 and then again nearly as strong at 894, same
>  sideband. FO-29 was not up at the time. I've noticed this before but it's
>  really got me scratching my head now. Any ideas?

Your system is fine and you can stop scratching.  This is an anomaly only on 
FO-20 (FO-29 does not exhibit this behavior).  I have measured it 
consistently at +47 kHz as the "repeating" frequency.  In other words, if 
your uplink is heard at 435.840, it will also be heard at 435.847 MHz, but 
about 6 dB lower in strength.  
Jerry, K5OE
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