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Re: Problems with RS15 mode

You definitely have some internal-harmonic problem on your end, probably 
related to the FT-847 IF(s).  I have worked RS-15 several times in the last 
few months (just myself... nobody else on the satellite).  It works on the 
published frequencies and is non-inverting.  I find I can only work it 
successfully at high elevation AND when it is coming towards me.  The return 
signal drops to below my noise when it passes overhead and recedes away from 
Jerry, K5OE

pe1rah@hotmail.com writes:

> Because I want to be qrv via RS15 I set up my 10m dipole wire antenna.
>  Then i listened to RS15 when it came in rainge and I could hear its CW 
>  beacon :-)
>  So I started to find the uplink and I could hear my signal back, BUT IT 
>  INVERSED. Hmmm I tought the USB --> USB on my paper was a mistake.
>  I called many times CQ but nobody was on the bird, but when the bird was 
>  of my rainge the signals were still 5/9 !!!
>  How can this be ?
>  I tested with rotating my 2m yagi away from the birds direction, but still 
>  between 5/5 and 5/9 signals :-(
>  Hmmm maybe some problem with a carrier...
>  My uplink was at 145.874 LSB, and downlink at 29.380 USB
>  When so there must be a carrier at 175.254 MHz.
>  I looked with my spectrum analyser, but no carrier there :-(
>  The signal in 29.380MHz. is very clean, what means the carrier has to be 
>  stable (no broadcast signal)
>  Because of this I am thinking it is something within my trx.
>  I use an FT847, and maybe this problem is know to RS users (?)
>  Maybe somebody has another idea, please tell me...
>  My station details:
>  - FT847 TRX
>  - 20 el. cross-yagi RHCP for tx, at 12m above ground with 20m H100
>  - G-5600 az/el control
>  - open wire dipole for 10m rx, abt. 7m above ground, with 10m RG58
>  73 de PE1RAH, William
>  ---
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