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RE: making a dish.


> im thinking of putting layers of tin foil under a few layers to reflect.

> just wondering would this work, or would there be better ways.

Good idea, give it a go.

FWIW of all the dishes I've build in the last few months, the Flectron
fabric on a $25 1.2m fibreglass umbrella frame is the lightest at 900g (2lb
in the old money), closely followed by the aluminium fly-screen dish on the
same frame at 950g (2lb, 2oz).

The fly screen is quite a bit less wind load but does not fold down well for
portablity. Works very well though.

If you want any fly screen I have about a 7mx1m roll sitting here... you
need about 3m x 1m to make segments for a 1.2m dish with some to spare. (For
our American friends, fly screen is difficult to source in the UK).

73 Howard G6LVB

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