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Problems with RS15 mode


Because I want to be qrv via RS15 I set up my 10m dipole wire antenna.
Then i listened to RS15 when it came in rainge and I could hear its CW 
beacon :-)

So I started to find the uplink and I could hear my signal back, BUT IT WAS 
INVERSED. Hmmm I tought the USB --> USB on my paper was a mistake.
I called many times CQ but nobody was on the bird, but when the bird was out 
of my rainge the signals were still 5/9 !!!

How can this be ?
I tested with rotating my 2m yagi away from the birds direction, but still 
between 5/5 and 5/9 signals :-(

Hmmm maybe some problem with a carrier...
My uplink was at 145.874 LSB, and downlink at 29.380 USB
When so there must be a carrier at 175.254 MHz.
I looked with my spectrum analyser, but no carrier there :-(
The signal in 29.380MHz. is very clean, what means the carrier has to be 
stable (no broadcast signal)

Because of this I am thinking it is something within my trx.
I use an FT847, and maybe this problem is know to RS users (?)

Maybe somebody has another idea, please tell me...

My station details:
- FT847 TRX
- 20 el. cross-yagi RHCP for tx, at 12m above ground with 20m H100
- G-5600 az/el control
- open wire dipole for 10m rx, abt. 7m above ground, with 10m RG58

73 de PE1RAH, William

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