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RE: AO-40 beginner having some probs!

>From: "Timothy J. Salo" <salo@saloits.com>
>> PS:  see my paper in the 2001 Symposium Proceedings (avail from Amsat) for
>> requirements and steps in getting on AO-40.  There are several other good
>> papers in there on antennas, etc.  {unabashed promotion for Amsat}
>Sounds like a great resource for those trying to get on AO-40.
>Is it available on the Web?


I assume you are refering to the Amsat webpage.

I do not know.  I doubt it, as it is available in the Proceedings.  I guess
that it might be useful on the webpage and I can inquire with the webmaster
if that is possible.  If so, I have a corrected copy of the paper that I
would submit.  However, the Proceedings are a fund raiser for Amsat so that
might restrict publishing elsewhere.  Anyone in the know wish to comment?


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