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RE: AO-40 beginner having some probs!

Hi Howard,

There was mega squint last night at our QTH (47 degrees) so there would have
been a good dose of QSB on an already weak signal.
If at all possible, I find having an RX at the dish/downconverter (eg, an HT
with SSB) very handy for initial pointing.

>> I was using the good old 'Armstrong' manoeuvring technique with the radio
sitting on the window sill!

Rules of thumb for listening to S band beacon for a first go...

o Squint less than 15 degrees

>> I think this is really been my deciding factor.

o S-Band MB on (currently all the time except MA128-160)

>> Yep got those settings into 'Nova for Windows' now, so this is all
starting to make sense now!

o Take a printout of the pass including Az, El, predicted beacon frequency,
MA, Mode, Squint at, say, five minute intervals

>> Nova is producing some excellent reports now I've got my head around all
the concepts properly (thanks to all those on the BBS:).

o No obstructions (or trees or other greenery!) in the way
o Use a compass for Azimuth

>> Heh, been pinching mothers quite sucessfully so far!

o Use a protractor for Elevation (remember offset fed dish will be about 21
degrees out - in your 16 degree case the dish itself will have been pointing
five degrees off vertical towards the ground!)

>> Yes this is something I hadn't really worked out, and was going to rely
on trial and error!  Thanks for the info.

o Begin with the RX at the antenna/dish so that you can adjust both dish and
frequency easily
o Take all the patience you can muster.
o Remember no-one gets it first time unless they're really lucky.

And finally let me know how you get on!

Tonight - good condx at 00:45-03:30Z. (El 0 to 18 degrees, Az 108-138 deg.
Squint 8.5-0.4 degrees. Listen for JA's & VK's)
73 Howard G6LVB

>> Humm, don't think I have enough alarm clocks for that time in the
morning!  According to my newly configured Nova, it's looking good for me at
about 07:00 GMT:

AZ=178 degrees
EL=26 degrees
SQUINT=13 degrees

>> Right now, I'm kinda more interested in hearing something!!



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