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AO-40 beginner having... Conclusion!

Hi Everyone,

I'd just like to say thanks for all your help and comments.  I know that
perhaps I've been a little too egar to go asking for help when I've not
really played with the setup here much.  Having said that, I'm glad I did as
the information and general feedback from everybody has been very beneficial
to my overall understanding of the topic and satellite characteristics.

To summarise - it seems that its really a case of good old inexperience on
my part!  I am now suitably reassured that my setup is operating correctly,
as much of the advice regarding signal meter levels etc. seems to match my
findings in the main (phew!).

I have received a lot of excellent advice about ensuring the bird is really
where I think it is, and that squint angles etc. are in a 'workable' state
for my expected reception performance.  I've since spent some time this
afternoon really doing my homework - and coupled with information donated by
your good selves, am now able to follow whats what and when.

Now I have a correctly setup 'Nova for Windows', with the operating modes
and corresponding MA values plugged in so it produces accurate pass data,
with all the crucial elements (squint angle included!).

Anyway, thanks again and I'll let you know as and when I have some useful



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