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RE: wx proof

Hello Bob

> I live near Seattle, it rains a lot here.  I saw G6lvb' web site
> complete with a plastic bag over the converter.

Plastic bags are OK if they are allowed to breathe & drain. Mine has a
couple of 1/4" snips in it, one at the top corner and one at the bottom
corner. Even then, be careful of feeding DC up the coax all the time as,
over even quite short periods of time, condensation build-up will have an
electrolytic effect and corrode. I already have a preamp that's testimony to

An alternative which Joel W4JBB reminded me of was to use a 2 liter Coke
bottle, cutting off one end. Again the point here is not to try to
hermetically seal, just to thoroughly shelter.

I also had a note a while back from Ron Long W8GUS [no relation!] about
Graham VK5AGR's solution. He uses PVC pipe with end stops for a very neat
solution. However my regular scouring of the Home Depot equivalents in the
UK has so far failed to source the end stops for such a fine resolution to
this problem.

Looking forward to hearing Seattle on the bird!

73 Howard G6LVB

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