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RE: AO-40 beginner having some probs!

Hi Bob,

With power on the downconverter, and about 50 feet or so of RG-59, the no
signal noise should come up to S - 5 or S-7 in your 2 meter RX.

>> Yeah I think I just have a lazy meter on 2m SSB.

The downconverter needs 15 Volts DC fed up the RG-59 to power it and draws
about 165 MA.

>> Yep, am running 13.8 (have tried 15v with no difference) up the coax I'm
using, which is actually the coax that was used with the satellite dish
originally.  Its solid core, with foil on the shield as well as the usual
stands, with a diameter perfect for both PL-259 and the F-Type connector
onto the 3731.



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