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AO-40 beginner having some probs!

Hi Folks,

Having spent some time gathering together all the necessary bits and pieces,
I finally have what I need to receive AO-40's S band downlink (2.4GHz).
I've built a feed for an old analogue sky dish I had kicking about, and have
an AIDC 3731AA downconverter (both with thanks to Howard @ www.g6lvb.com).

However, finally got around to testing the setup properly last night (around
00:30 GMT) when the bird was around 130 degrees/16 degrees elevation (from
JO01KU).  So I hooked everything up, and plugged into my FT-726 (minus the
mic for obvious reasons!).  Having powered up the 3731, I got about a signal
3 on the meter, which I believe to be rather lazy as this is a signal 9 when
I switch from USB to FM.

So, I proceed to tune around 2m, only to find absolutely nothing.  I went
outside to wiggle the dish about a little bit to see if it makes any
difference - still nothing!  I then detached the downconverter from the
feed, and the signal 3 remained on the meter.

I'm now left wondering whats wrong.  This is a brand new downconverter
(which I haven't popped!), I know the FT-726 isn't a fantasic receiver, but
I'd expect to be able to receive something even if its only weak e.g. the S
band MB.  (I thought I had just about heard the MB a couple weeks back when
the bird was on its way back, but I must have been mistaken).

This could just be something stupid like the back-to-back N-Type connector
between feed and 3731 is a poor contact, but I thought I'd post to the BBS
to see if anyone had any other ideas?



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