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ao-40 skeds, anyone up for one?

hi there,

repaired my downconverter, so stop watches out for the next time i blow it
up :P.

anyways, if anyone wants a sked on ao-40 now ish, as its in view, meet me on
about 20khz above the beacon, assuming no one else is on there :).

oh yea, by the way, anyone with a transys aidc 3731 or 3733, and needs a new
if pre-amp, its the BFQ19. you can get them from GH Engineering.

talk to grant hodgson, hes been helping me over the past month or so to find
the right part, and now hes found it.

plus with the added bonus of the BFQ19 being alot better (from what i can
see anyways) than the one thats shipped with the 3731's.

Speak to you later.
Scott Elliott

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