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RE: To all "patchheads"...


> [snip] I am wondering if it'd be
> possible to CP a (truly) square patch if a couple of
> capactive tuning screws
> were located 90 degrees apart (on the flat sides) on a
> slightly higher than
> resonant patch that was fed at 45 degrees (on the diagonal)?

There is a simple and elegant solution that doesn't use tuning screws -- it
uses a tuning slot thru the middle. For details on a 1900 MHz antennas, take
a look at the paper by LU and YANG:

They indicate the slot size is critical. An oversize slot could easily be
trimmed to length using conductive (copper or aluminum) tape. Copper foil
tape can be found at your local store that services artists who make mosaics
using colored glass since they can solder to the copper. Aluminum tape can
be found at hardware stores for sealing air conditioning ductwork.

73, Tom

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