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Re: Antenna COnnectors ARGH!

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Over the years I have had occassionaly intermittant handheld satellite
> This time I was determined to figure out what was going on and
> narrowed it down to the right-angle SMA going into my TH-F6.
> Then i measured carefully how far down an SMA would have to go
> to be get everything flush and realized that because of my
> frequent antenna changing, I was never really torquing down on
> the SMA, but only twirlling it on until finger tight.
>Hi Bob
I had the same experience during the first 903 Sprint a few
years ago. After driving one and one half hours to the sky
line drive I found I could hear no one. It took 3 hours to discover
the SMA was not making contact. Chalked it up to experience.
BTW I did finally did work a few stations right at the end of
the four hour contest.

So your not alone.

Jack W4AD
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