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To all "patchheads"...

I'm staring to think about patches again, and I am wondering if it'd be 
possible to CP a (truly) square patch if a couple of capactive tuning screws 
were located 90 degrees apart (on the flat sides) on a slightly higher than 
resonant patch that was fed at 45 degrees (on the diagonal)?  Both would 
tune resonance downward, but if one was adjusted for the equivalent 
resonance point that is 50-j50 at 2401 MHz and the other was adjusted for 
the equivalent resonance point at 50+j50, a fully tunable patch with good CP 
(if properly adjusted) should be able to be devised.

Or, one screw would be turned in a little farther than the other.

This would give a square patch the ability to tuned like the G3RUH design is 
tuned.  At some point, one screw could be used instead of two, if the patch 
is "natively" at the higher of the two resonance points.

Anyway, it's an idea I've been mulling.  Any of the technical people out 
there have any ideas before I spent 3 hours playing with it?

Fred W0FMS

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