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Re: Antenna COnnectors ARGH!

> At 12:24 PM 6/3/2002 -0400, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> >I was never really torquing down on
> >the SMA, but only twirlling it on until finger tight.
> On the other hand, note that the proper torque for an SMA connector is
> quite modest (8 inch-pounds is typical). If you've never had access to a
> calibrated SMA torque wrench, you might be tempted to overtorque the
> connector. Use a *small* wrench, push it with your fingertips, and get the
> connector *just snug* and you'll be about right. Any more than that and
> you're probably damaging the connector. If you want to be sure, get a
> torque wrench.
> Once the connector has been over-torqued, I guess that all bets are off.
> You may need to overtorque it every time, or you may need to replace it.
> 73  -Paul

Paul is very correct.  At work I keep about a dozen 5/16 inch wrenches in
various places at work.  I got sick of loosing them and having to carry them
around in my pocket so I simply put one at every location where they are
needed.  Sears makes a good, solid but "fat" wrench which is excellent for
most SMA uses.  Jensen makes a slim model that works well for connectors
with short relief.  I have one connector that is in such a tight spot and is
a style of SMA connector that the only wrench useable is a box end
wrench....of course the wrench stays there after I tighten it down!  :-)

SMA is a great way to go but I dunno what its loss per freq is.  They scare
me for use on a radio like the new Kenwood.....not much structural strength.

Gary, N7BRJ

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