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Re: CQ FD Satellite

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From: "Frank Grossman (WB2BXO)" <flgrossman@earthlink.net>
> What LEO SSB/CW transponders should be available for FD this year?  What
> the uplinks and downlinks?
> A quick look at the AMSAT site seems to suggest that RS-12/13, RS-15 and
> Fuji's 20 and 29 may be useful.
> Thanks and 73,
> Frank
> wb2bxo@AMSAT.org

I'd suggest concentrating on FO20 and FO29, and AO40. RS13 is on in mode T
and RS12 is on in mode K, both using 15m uplinks. It's been my experience
that these will be tough with any activity on 15 at all. Try them during
late passes when the band has folded, and be sure to indicate that you are
trying through the satellite in your calls. While some have, I've never been
able to make a QSO through RS15 in the last 2 years. Remember also that you
can digipeat messages off several sats, including ISS and PCsat. It's worth
trying out your station before the contest, and having a good preamp on
hand. Without a preamp you are sunk before you begin on the FOs.

Good Luck

Drew, KO4MA

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