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Estimation of STS Launch Time


I wrote a small DOS program "STS2ISS":


This is the READ.ME file:

The program calculates the optimal launch time for STS 
spacecrafts which start for a docking with ISS.

The calculation (using RAAN and the local siderial time at KSC)
is based on the determination of the time when the orbital plane 
of ISS crosses the launch site - independend on the position of 
the space station at that time.

This program version should have a precision of +/- 2 minutes.
The calculated values represent the center of the launch window,
so the real window is approximately  T +/- 5 minutes.

Using the program:

1. Start LAUNCH.EXE in a seperate directory.
   3 files will be created:
     READ.ME (This file)
     ISS.DAT (a recent 2liner of ISS)

2. Start STS2ISS
   The program asks for the number of days you
   want to estimate the launch time (starting
   with the epoch of the 2liner).

3. The calculated values appear on the screen and
   are written into the file LAUNCH.DAT

Of course the file ISS.DAT should be updated from time to time. 

Try it for STS-111 and the next launches!

I would be glad to receive any comments...

73, Udo, DL7OL                   Berlin, 02.06.2002

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