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RE: Patch plans anyone?


Firstly thanks to ALL who have replied on and off list. I can't keep up with
all the incoming mail on this subject!

My original idea was to make a patch array using a three layer design, top
being the patch, middle a ground plane and bottom a microstrip power
splitter. The patches would be fed with vias from the power splitter through
the ground plane to the patch.

This would, in practice, be implemented with two double-sided pieces of
board (RT Duroid low loss type) with the ground planes adjacent to each

I'm now thinking that although the microstrip power splitter will be simple
enough, there's a problem generating CP on a PC Board substrate. So Bob
K5GNA has suggested still fabricating the patches on PC Board but only
singly sided with the dielectric [board] facing outwards.

To give you an idea of what I'm on about see...




Commercial 19dBic RHCP patch arrays are available (at a price).

As Fred has said, the benefit of using PC Board is that it's extremely

Again thanks for all the references.

73 Howard G6LVB

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