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RE: re: Patch plans anyone?

Thanks Cliff.

Could you confirm if this is the same article that appears at:


If so, they do go into great detail on how to make a round patch, but they
appear to use two feed points to introduce the 90 degrees phase shift to
produce circular polarization. 

I'd really like to find a single probe-fed round patch design with circular
polarization.  So far, the only article I have found that gives some
practical details is:


Perhaps another trip to the library is in order.

Agn, many tnx.


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Russ and Howard.  After quite a search I found the article in the AMSAT
NA Journal addressing the subject of patch antennas used on AO-40:
"AMSAT Phase 3D Antenna Design Review HF/UHF/Microwave Antennas"
by Stan Wood and Dick Jansson.  AMSAT JOURNAL March/April 1993 page 18.
     There are some very practical tips here that Stan uncovered which
should be of value.  There is no reason why the patches need be round,
as square is just as good and a bit easier to calculate and certainly
easier to fabricate!  Square patches are 0.47 wave on a side while
round patches are.54 wavelength.  Spacing off the ground plane is
about 0.01 wavelength when air/vacuum is used.  Cliff Buttschardt K7RR

"Renaud, Russ" wrote:
> > Does anyone have any plans for a patch antenna made on PC Board?
> While we're on the subject, does anyone have plans for a round microstrip
> patch with air dielectric with either RHC or LHC polarization not bigger
> than 1/2 lamda in diameter?  I think the G3RUH patch is round with LHCP
> polarization...

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