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Re: ktelemetrydemod

Geoff wrote:

>   I am having problems getting ktelemetrydemod installed. Can anyone 
> tell me how to get around the error shown below?? I have just about 
> given up on it :-( .

I did an awful lot of running around to satisfy all the software prereqs 
for ktelemetrydemod before I could get it to build and run on my system.

Jens built ktelemetrydemod as his bachelor's thesis, to demonstrate his 
mastery of DSP techniques, and all the GUI controls and displays imply 
that it's very flexible in dealin with noisy or weak AO-40 signals. It's 
an award-winning thesis, but even as pretty as the display is, I've never 
been able to get it to do quite as good a job demodulating weak/noisy 
signals as Tom Sailer's soundmodem-based package does.  See: 

Sorry, but I can't tell you from the errors you're getting exactly what's 
wrong...but you definately need at least the levels of Perl and the 
Perl-Qt bindings that the doc calls for in order for the software to 
build and run.

Consider using Tom'a package, though...it rocks.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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