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How to use FT-847 CAT and FC-20 tuner at the same time.


One of the quirks of the FT-847 is the inability to use both the CAT and
FC-20 tuner at the same time.  This is generally annoying, and a drawback in
working the RS birds.  I came across the attached note from Peter.  He
references his Super Control Program, but I have tried it with a tracking
program and another control program, and it works with my relatively early
FT-847.  YMMV!



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FC-20 & CAT at the same time without problems

Please connect your FC-20 to the FT-847 transceiver. Please also connect
the computer to the FT-847 using the nullmodem serial cable. Under normal
circumstances if you try to start the communication with 57600 baud, you
have success to get the communication between the computer and the trcvr
working. Now please do the following trick: go to the internal transceiver
and switch the cat interface speed to 9600 baud, leave the menu then. Again
please go to the menu and change the speed back to 57600 baud and from now
you are able to use both, FT847-SuperControl and your FC-20 tuner at the

73 Peter, DH1NGP

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