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70cm Linear for P5

Trying to get all the stuff together for the P5/North Korea station is a bit of
a trick. I now have everything necessary except for a 70cm linear. 

Jerry, K5OE, was able to buy one on Ebay for $100 but it turned out not to work
:-((  He is out the $100 and we still don't have an amp.  Then, I decided to 
buy a new Mirage 5 watt in 60 watts out amp.  But Mirage is not going to go 
into production on for two more weeks which means that to market is going to be
several months. This linear was around $250. 

This leaves us with having to purchase a $450 linear and that is way out of the
budget.  I have had a donation of $50 towards it. 

So as it stands now, we are going to ship what we have to Ed, he will be able 
to get on AO-40 with 10-20 watts (into an Arrow Antenna). You will most likely 
need a very, very good receive system to hear him.  Asia should have no problem 
as they can work Ed at perigee but at apogee, 10 watts to a 7 element Arrow is
going to be a very weak signal into Europe and North America.

If I wait for the Mirage that we can afford, it will be August or September
before Ed can get the equipment.  If anyone has a 50-80 Watt linear they can
part with, we can put it to good use and get North Korea on AO-40 this summer. 
Please reply off list.


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