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Help with WISP and Kantronics Data Engine

G'day all. I have run WiSP for years with an MFJ TNC with no problems.
I recently aquired a Kantronics data engine with 9600 capabilities. Is there
an easy way to use this thing with WiSP? I have tried all the TNC's in the
sat setup and none of them appear to put the TNC into KISS mode. If I put
the TNC into FULLDUPLEX and KISS mode manually I can run WiSP for a pass and
it operates ok. On exit it resets the TNC back to normal ( fine in theory )
except I then have to manually do the KISS thing to run the next pass. This
means I cant run unattended. Is there a way to send the appropriate commands
to the tnc prior to each pass?

The commands I have been using prior to running WiSP are

modem ,full
interface full

Any pointers / help appreciated.

Cheers Geoff VK3JDG

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