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RE: AO40 Doppler

Hello Paul

I said

> >I also find that, for instance, the Doppler frequency predictions from
> >IT+InstantTune, Nova and Wisp+WispDDE are rarely in agreement, sometimes
> >to a couple of kHz.

Then Paul said...

> That's disturbing. If they all disagree, at most one of them can be right.

Mmm... well I just did a similar check to what I've done before, and I now
find everything pretty much in agreement. On AO-40 IT is within 20Hz of
Wisp+WispDDE. Nova 2.1r build 32 is 10Hz behind IT, so there is _not_ a
problem. My original comments now appear unfounded, so I apologise for
wasting your time!

Don't know what I'd being doing wrong all this time. Perhaps there was a
problem which has been corrected recently. Or operator error on my part... a
likely reason.

73 Howard G6LVB

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