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Re: AO40 Doppler

>>Most of the jumps seem to be the result of the solid dish catching the 
>>sun exactly right
>>to toast the converter.  After finding one corner of the weather proof case
>>slightly blistered, I made some major changes in the geometry.
>Does anybody think it would be a useful feature for a tracking program to 
>prevent the antennas from pointing within N degrees of the Sun?
Hi Paul,

Not really necessary...I don't know what the converter is doing at the 
focal point
of the dish??  I've got my pre-amp at the feed, but depending on what I use 
for a
feed there is a pretty good space to the pre-amp, and certainly a simple shield
would prevent "toasting" it....most of my feeds work best with a back-plane of
some kind, to begin with...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                      Disagree; I learn.........

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