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Connectors for dish feeds

I  have built a couple of feeds for my 3 foot offset fed dish, based on 
the designs of K5OE and K3TZ  helical and patch feeds. One variation 
from their design I made was to substitute BNC connectors in place of 
the N connectors in their design, primarily because I had plenty of BNC 
Chassis connectors, and no N connectors at hand.  From the connector at 
the feed, I made a short jumper of RG8X Flex to the downconverter. On 
the feed end, I use a BNC connector, and on the other end I use an N 
connector designed for use with RG-8X.

I wonder if it would be worth my while to redesign my feeds to use 
N-connectors and a lower loss cable. Based on the information I could 
glean off of Google, I can expect only 0.1 dB of improvement in loss by 
upgrading the short (8 inch long) jumper between the feed and the 
downconverter from 8X to something like LMR 400. Can I expect any 
improvement in signal by upgrading the connectors?

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