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N3IYR AO-40 antenna

Hello gang,
I have received many inquiries about the antenna I have developed for AO-40
and I thank all of you for your interest. It has been very time consuming
and hard work, but the payoff is the satisfaction knowing my efforts have
made AO-40 more enjoyable. I have resisted posting anything to this BBS in
fear that someone would be upset with me using it as a forum for personal
gain. The truth is that the work and cost involved in making these antennas
available far exceeds the monetary gain I may accumulate. I developed this
antenna system because of my frustration with my "grill" dish that is now
land fill. I attempted to make my web site both informative and useful. I am
however having a hard time getting the word out about this antenna since I
want to keep the price down for everyone by avoiding advertising. Sales are
slow and I sure need the room in the tool shed. HI HI. I'm not sure as to
how long I can continue to offer this antenna because of the above mentioned
reasons. If you have any suggestions on how I can let more people know about
this antenna, please let me know. It does work as good and better than I
mention on my site. I also have added new detailed graphs of it's known
performance and a nearly 3D X-ray of the feed. This is not just a dish with
a feed. Everything including the shape and size of the dish is designed
specifically for S-Band work. Earlier, I read some comments about my site
and antenna by some critical people on this BBS. Time and proof have pushed
those aside and my concerns have disappeared. I can go on and on and baffle
you with numbers and technical gibberish like SOME sites selling THEIR dish,
but the bottom line is who crosses the finish line first, and I don't smell
any exhaust.
I did contact AMSAT headquarters and I was told there would be not harm in
mentioning my dish here, so there you go.
My very best wishes to all. Hope to meet you on the "bird".


Glenn Rollins  N3IYR

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